The Macramé Craze - A Knotty Hobby

Macramé dates back to the Babylonians and Arab weavers in the 13th centuries, and then resurged during Victorian times and again in the 70s.

It shouldn't be any surprise that it is back again.  Like any trend, when it comes back, it's not quite in the same way.

Whereas in the past macramé adorned statues and costumes, today it is more common as plant hangings, wall art, and even other home decor such as pillows or table runners.

We loved the modern macrame plant hangings @_heather_orr below.



The new maker trend is helping to bring back the macrame trend. A recent New York Times article said that people feel a certain "soothing power of making stuff."

"If you do something with your hands, it means you're taking action.” says Nora Abousteit in the article.

Macrame classes are popping up in cities all over to fuel the maker trend in all of us.

Sugee Wee of Pow Pow Jelly teaches workshops in Klang Valley; above where she shows how to create a simple square knot.

Sugee explained that workshops can take two to five hours, and that once a beginner learns how to do a square knot, they can make just about anything! 

Square knots. Instagram @_heather_orr

Macrame wall hanging in process. Instagram @arieskasetyana

At ObJae, we would love to see what inspires you, and to see your creations.

Please share your projects with us using the hashtag #myobjae and if there is a design you are looking for.

At Objae, we have worked to bring you a small collection of macramé pieces, and intend to build it out and source from a variety of countries, in particular to support local artisans with inspirational designs using sustainable materials.

If you see a design you like, our team will look for it as well. Email us at, or contact us through one of our social channels.