New Arrival on Mother’s "Month" - Get Some Great Deals While Supplies Last!


Mother’s Day is the second Sunday of May, but here at Objae, we celebrate Mothers all month!  Jump on this opportunity by using promo code #Mommy1L0veY0u# to get 40% off all May long (while supplies last) on these great select products either for your mom, or yourself! You can also find more products in Mother’s Month Collection.

Note that our products ship free, and are carefully selected to offer the best products at the best value.  Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for shipping.


1. Viridian Canvas Prints  

$9 - $33 --> 40% off  $5.40-$19.80

(8” wide x 10” high/ 16” wide x 20” high/ 24” wide x 32” high)


Get artistic products that look elegant and natural in any living space!

You can check our Viridian Canvas Prints, ranging from cactus to pilea peperomiodies (also known as a Chinese Money Plant).


Objae offers artistic prints at great values. These are prints of original hand-drawn pieces which are affordable and can breathe life into any room.


2. Acoustic Control LED clock  

$11- $13 --> 40% off = $6.60- $7.80 (2.36" faux wood cube)


Minimalistic products are all the rage, where a simple and clean look can revive a dull interior. We are offering this acoustic control LED clock, with an unprecedented 40% off discount.  But hurry - while supplies last!


3. Golden Memory LED Photo Clips

$8 - $21 --> 40% off = $4.80-$12.60 (10 LEDs / 20 LEDs / 40 LEDs)


Mother’s day is the best time to recall happy times you spent with your mother.  You can take out your family photos and decorate your home with these sure to please Golden Memory LED Photo Clips.


4. Idealistic Hanging Bulb Terrarium

$8 --> 40% off = $4.80 (3.1" diameter x 5.5" high )


This hanging light bulb terrarium is only limited by your own ideas and imagination!  You can change this terrarium however you like. We’ve made a few DIY videos - but we are pretty sure you can do an even better job than we did!  

And now at just $4.80 each, these “light bulbs” are safer and cheaper than real light bulbs.  

They are cost-effective and give you a hands-on experience where you can have fun creating a small world of your own. Check out our videos and let us know

Use your creativity to create something unique and meaningful. Be sure to check out our full Mothers Month Collection here while supplies last! Objae wishes you a Happy Mother’s Month!