Mix & Match: Styling Ceramics

Mix & match: styling ceramics

Introducing ceramics can instantly add a delicate touch to any space. With or without a bouquet, vases and pots bring visual balance and a sense of unique craftsmanship, especially when various types of pottery are displayed together.

Achieving the perfect mismatched aesthetic, however, is easier said than done. Too little pieces and your shelf will look bare; too many objects and your desk will look cluttered. But no need to worry: these three tips will get you started.

1. Take the high road AND the low road

The perfect way to liven up a boring room is to add a sense of movement to guide the eyes around the space. Matching tall and short pieces together is one easy solution.

Achieve perfect visual balance with three pieces (low, medium, high), or take to the extremes with a tall and narrow vase nestled next to a squat, wide pot for a more dramatic look. Whether placed on a shelf, a display case, or even on the coffee table, a cluster of high-low pots like our Twilled vases are sure to grab attention.

For an even more dramatic effect, add a tall stalk of flora to one of the pieces not only to lengthen the look but also to introduce a warm, natural element.

2. It's a colorful world

Ceramics don’t always have to be all white, muddy browns, and gloomy grays. The world of pottery has some amazing color palettes, especially when glazed. (Ombré, anyone?) If you have a thing for color, then matching multi-color pottery is definitely up your alley.

We recommend pastels as a great starting point for pairing different colors. The soft hues of our Eivor vases will blend perfectly into any home. If you’re more partial to bolder colors, experiment! Injecting a bold splash into duller palettes can really refresh a space and bring attention to any corner of your room.

If you’re not a color guru and don’t have all the right palettes seared into your brain, Color Hex is a godsend. It’s a tool that suggests great complementary palettes from sleepy pastels to big and bold combinations.

3. It's all about touch

Equilibrium vase collection

Unique textures and intricate patterns will make guests want to admire your collection up close! Adding a fluted vase between plain or faceted pieces adds a dynamic touch to your bibelots. It’s also a fun way to play with light. The Equilibrium collection features a fine, fluted piece and a faceted ombré vase in dramatic shapes. They go together perfectly for a balanced mismatch.

Another way to match textures is by alternating between glazed and matte surfaces. The hard gleam of a glazed pot styled with the soft look of a matte vase offers a unique play on light. The natural glow of the Sparrowful collection can be matched with the modern texture of the Kaori vases for a nice contrast that is simple yet elegant. Of course, for a truly contemporary look, consider pieces that have both glazed and matte surfaces in one.

Kaori ceramic vase collection

Now you try!

No stylish home can be achieved without a lot of experimenting. Think outside the box, try something new, take a risk, and your efforts will be rewarded. Our tips are here to help you get started on finding your own taste. Get decorating by stocking up on your own ceramics from our site with promo code MIXCERAMICS30OFF and get 30% off through February 13.