How to make a Light Bulb Terrarium - With Paper Rose 🌹and Stand

Bring green inside!  Here is an easy way to make a light bulb terrarium. With just 5 items including your "light bulb", you can embellish any room with this awesome hanging bulb to “brighten” your day!



  • Light bulb terrarium
  • 2 pieces of colored paper
  • Cup holders from Starbucks or similar coffee shops.
  • Potpourri
  • Box cutter 


  • Make the base -- The cup holders are used as the base for the terrarium.
  1. To cover the logo, cut and glue the colored paper to fit the shape of the cup holders.
  2.  You can also fold another piece of colored paper to make a butterfly or other small “origami” item.
  3.  Stack the cup holders to make the base more firm
  • Decorate the terrarium -- Simply put appropriate amount of potpourri into the terrarium.


Isn't it easy? Click here to purchase one and make your own terrarium!  

For the step by step process, you can also check our tutorial video below ⬇️