Healthy + Hobby = Happy

This afternoon, I went on a long walk. I started thinking about my New Year's resolutions to focus on my hobbies more, and on work less. I am guessing that everyone can relate to this. 

This year I want to learn how to plant more, craft more, and just DIY more. I just want to focus on more fun! 

I began thinking about how little progress I had made against my goals and started to get succulent envy for the gorgeous little guys my friend and coworker planted over two weeks ago already! It made me realize how time is flying by, and I need to get hobbying. This is how resolutions get broken. 

He and his niece tried out our Sparrowful pot set and I fell in love with everything about them. He reminded me that there is ALWAYS enough time to learn a new hobby. Calm your inner voices people!

The rewards of learning to plant or even taking a craft class are immediate and also ongoing! Plants go home with you and you can continue to watch plants thrive. It is quite rewarding, and also doing something with your hands helps to relax the mind. It is hard to explain, but the act of being busy with your hands helps to calm your mind.


Hobbies are therapeutic too, and can help to de-stress. Unfortunately, as life gets busy, hobbies are sometimes the first thing to go, when  the healthiest people seem to be those that have a good balance of work and play.

What are your plans for 2018? Please share at #myobjae. I will be sharing updates on my projects and classes in upcoming blog posts! Happy creating. Your projects are our inspiration.

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