Creating Your Own Terrarium: Bringing the Outside In

I am in the throes of winter and want to bring some green into my life. What better way than bringing the outside in? I am pretty excited about making terrariums. They look kind of hard but really, they aren't.

Moondrop Hanging Terrarium (Pair of 2)

One of the most amazing things about terrariums is that each one is its own little universe, with a personality that you define. 

The steps for making them is easy and fun. Jack Free's YouTube DIY boils it down to four minutes. You can add flair from here.

ICYMI: here are the essential ingredients that Jack highlighted for building a terrarium:

  • glass terrarium (yes, ObJae sells the exact ones Jack shows in his video.)
  • succulents (we ❤️ the succulent source for ours!)
  • cactus soil
  • white rocks
  • moss (rip into smaller pieces for a more natural look)
  • rope or string for hanging

So your terrarium can be simple—it can be perfect with just a flower.

Orbital Hanging Glass Globes (Set of 10)

Or your terrarium can be super deluxe. You're the boss!

Geodesic Half-Sphere Glass Terrarium

What are your terrarium plans? I have a tough time with decisions and usually create two of everything, so I want to create one deluxe terrarium and one hanging terrarium.

I will share my projects with you at #myobjae. Please share yours, too. I want to see your little universes. Your creations are our inspirations.


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