Wall Decals: A Great Idea For A Family Activity

Have children or toddlers at home and are almost running out of ideas for family activities? Don’t know what to do in the coming weekend? Tired from work and want to rest at home but still wanna do something with your family? Why not try out wall decal home decor?


Decorating your home with wall decals is one awesome and fun indoor activity. Wall stickers are not just kids’ rooms decor, they also make an extremely easy and affordable family activity! Below are 3 benefits of having fun furnishing your home with your children.

1.  Kids gaining confidence by feeling valued - Create a unique home style with your kids 

According to PsychAlive, most children don’t demand much, but they will feel valued and respected when they participate in family decision making. Therefore, get your children involved in turning plain walls into instant works of art. Ask them to help you find the right design for the special room and then get them to help you apply it to the wall.


In fact, wall stickers do not only look good on plain walls, you may adhere them to wardrobes in bedrooms, lamps in the living room, the fridge in the kitchen, or even the toilet cover! No matter where you stick them, you instantly change the atmosphere of the room. Here are some examples for your reference!

Euphoria Spring Wall Stickers adds a lively accent to your living room.

Flourishing Peony Wall Stickers makes a perfect addition to your IKEA furniture or even the toilet cover!

Hanging Succulent Wall Stickers are definitely the best choice for the kitchen or dining room!


  • 2. Collecting important memories - Build your own family tree
  • Home is where love resides, where memories are created, where friends and family belong and laughter never ends. Wall stickers make a wall more than just a wall, instead, you can display some unforgettable moments with family or friends on the wall, creating a family tree.

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  • 3. Establishing strong relationships - Let love flow with your imagination

  • Home is the starting place of love, hope, and dreams. During the process from discussing the wall stickers pattern, creating your own unique style of wall decals and DIY applying them on walls and furniture, you and your children will establish a strong relationship by gaining trust and being supportive of each other.

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    And remember, you can always drop us a message if you need help on deciding which (or how many) stickers to get for your awesome family activity!