A Succulent Gift


My friend recently received a gift of three baby succulents from her baby sister (cute!) and posted it on Instagram.

I just loved this photo, and I keep looking at the display. That got me thinking, "Wow, what a great gift!"

Succulents are perfect gifts and keep on giving for a few reasons. First, baby succulents are adorable, and there are so many options to choose from. I mean, they really live up to their name. Some of them are only as big as your fingernail! The pots themselves are little baby doll pots. Can you even? 

 This one @the_mini_gardener is mini art.

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 We loved the simplicity of this little one @zamaneannesi. 

I love how my friend's sister chose three different succulent varieties. She chose the same color palette, and balanced their beautiful silhouettes and colors with the ease and simplicity of the ceramic vases.

The vases were rustic, yet modern and contemporary and their uniformity is what made it so effective and beautiful.

With succulents, there are so many colors, varieties, and sizes, that the options are really up to the imagination.

This post by @thrive is succulent madness! 

Gorgeous uniform succulents @succulentsource.

Here is another example of the uniform vases setting off the beautiful succulents patterns @rocketandrosehomewares.


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 Uniformity is beautiful @growraw

Vases reflect your personality no matter which succulent you decide upon. 

Succulents are also a great gift because the vases can staggered on a bookshelf, lined up on a windowsill, or the "family' could break up and be located in different parts of the house.

The point is, you cannot go wrong with the succulent gift.  

Most importantly, a memorable gift is one that you don't necessarily want to buy for yourself, but that you love receiving. Trust us, this is that gift. 

If you are looking for a memorable housewarming gift this holiday or would like to treat your favorite yoga instructor, stylist, dog-walker, neighbor, BFF, brother's new girlfriend, or baby sister, we have you covered.

At Objae we love the idea of doing a monochrome green on green succulent set. Check out our favorite set. This set is really nice because it provides a few different sizes and options - enough for you to keep one and give one! We think that everyone would love this gift. Self-gifting is also allowed!