3 Hanging Hacks to Freshen Up Your Walls

Changing out wall art is one of the easiest ways to alter the feel of a room. While I was growing up, art always played a prominent role in my house. My dad and his brother are artists, and we had a huge brooding nude above our couch that always startled my friends. When I was visiting my dad over Christmas, his wife told him that she was getting tired of the art in their house. So he immediately dug through their storage and changed out some of their pieces. It meant so much to her and immediately changed the mood in their home.

This got me thinking about the impact of art and how we often leave the same art hanging for longer than we should. Here are three tips to freshen up your walls:

Tip 1: A seasonal switch-out can breathe life into your space.

Just as we change our clothes each season, we can also make it a habit to change a few art pieces. It is so easy to do, yet few of us do it. For example, there is a lot of beautiful wall art of plants, cacti, and flowers that will instantly freshen up a space for spring.

Equatorial Watercolor Leaf Canvas Prints

Tip 2: A gallery wall introduces a theme.

Themes are a fun way to create a mood for a room. They are effective and especially striking in monochromatic rooms or on dark walls.

Equatorial Watercolor Leaf Canvas Prints

Another way to create a theme is to use existing artwork and to arrange them on a gallery wall. Three tips for creating a gallery wall with a sense of unity:

  1. Choose frame colors in the same general family to provide cohesion. For example, all black frames or all blonde frames will tie a gallery wall together.
  2. Crop photos, and allow enough white space to give the eye relief and to allow breathability.
  3. Have a center of focus in each of the frames. In other words, less is more since the wall itself is also a picture.

Pottery Barn: How to Create a Gallery Wall

Tip 3: Try something new.

Much like taking a different route to work, I encourage you to take a wall art risk. Hanging up a new art piece that you aren't accustomed to will make you feel differently when you are in that space, which can inspire creativity.

Shanti Macramé Dreamcatcher Wall Hanging

Vayne Dried Bodhi Leaf Hanging Scroll Painting

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