3 Great Reasons to Consider Being Faux Real

Just got a new place? Move into a new office? Or maybe just looking to add a little more green into your life? Have you ever Googled “how to keep an indoor plant alive”? In fact, below are the top searches when you type “how to take care of” in Google:

How to take care of

As you can see, it’s all about plants and pets!

Well, Googlers, we have a little tip for you today: consider a faux (i.e., fancy French word for “fake”) plant! Here are 3 great reasons why:


1. Cost-effective and durable

Taking care of a real plant costs more than you think. To keep a plant growing, it needs fertilizer, good-quality soil, and ever larger containers to keep pace with its increasing size.

On the contrary, owning a faux plant only costs its original price. Moreover, they look just like real plants! Can you tell which one is real? See if you got the right answer.


ObJae Exclusive Design: Faux Echeveria ‘Black Prince’ Plant With Pot

  • 2. Low maintenance and time-saving

  • A faux plant doesn’t need any of your attention to maintain lasting beauty. After a long day of work, you'd prefer to be relaxing. It's hard to remember to water the plants every day, not to mention trimming excess leaves. If you were to come home after a two-week vacation, and it suddenly occurs to you that the plant hasn't been watered, it may already be on the verge of death. Why not keep a nice-looking, faux potted plant without the guilt of dying plants affecting your emotions?

    We would like to introduce you to ObJae’s exclusive design, the Faux Senecio Succulent Pot With Dish. This home or office accent showcases a realistic Senecio succulent tucked into a bowl-shaped flower pot with faux dirt providing both stability and realism. The lifelike yellowish green tones of the plant elegantly contrast the flawless white pot and accompanying dish (affixed to the pot). The reddish tips make it indistinguishable from the real thing, yet there is no need for water or sun!


  • 3. Easy to transport

  • Fresh plants need sun and water, so we have to put them in places where they can have sunlight, like on a balcony or near a window. In contrast, we don’t have to worry about where to showcase lovely faux specimens. Faux plants are portable and can be put anywhere with no worries. They are a great substitute for real plants because of their low cost, non-existent time commitment, and flexible space requirements. Faux succulents are the perfect home decor option!
    Faux Succulent Pot


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