🌼 Being Present 🌾

With Memorial Day passing, summer is officially here. We are supposed to be more energetic in the summer, but stressful work and a hustling lifestyle usually make us complain about our trivial problems (or maybe sometimes big issues) in our lives.

As the great sculptor, Auguste Rodin, said, “Beauty is everywhere. It is not that she is lacking to our eyes, but our eyes which fail to perceive her.”

The wonderful Instagram lifestyle photographer Cassie often shares her cute daughters and happy moments with her followers through wonderful pictures. Objae collaborated with her to encourage more people to spot the wonder in their daily lives. 



Bringing some interior plants into your home would be a great way to get a relief from the pressures of modern life because being close to greenery make us feel more comfortable and at ease. Also, research has proven that interior landscaping has dramatic positive effects on your wellbeing.

Hanging some pictures of greenery on the wall or just putting them on the shelves could be a great alternative since they are totally care-free.

Viridian Canvas Prints
The Viridian Canvas Print Set of 6 on Cassie's shelf include Pilea pepermioides (Chinese Money Tree), Fern, Cactus, Ceropegia woodii (String of Hearts), Forest and Monstera, are available here and are now 30% off for a limited time using the code $d!sc0untf0rPrints# by June 6th.  If you would also like a set of 6 frames as in Cassie's Instagram photo above, we suggest this product, available in the 8" x 10" size.